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5 Simple Last-Minute Costumes for Halloween

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. As soon as I was old enough to understand the excitement of Halloween, I took choosing costumes very seriously. There’s something truly magical about transforming yourself into something you’re not, parading around as something or someone else.  And once my costume was on and makeup applied, I believed I truly became the witch, angel, or vampire I was portraying.

This affinity for dress-up has continued into my adult life. My husband and I begin compiling our list of Halloween costume ideas as early as November 1st, eager to begin the imagination and creation process all over again.

Now that I am a mom, Halloween has gotten even more exciting—dreaming up costumes for my son has been such a treat. When he was very small, I had free reign to dress him as whatever I could imagine. Now that he's a little older, he is just as much into costumes as his dad and me. I was worried he’d succumb to the pre-fab costumes that so many other kids of his age like to wear—the thought of buying an out-of-the-box costume from a big-box retailer makes me cringe.

To me, the fun of Halloween lies not only in wearing a costume, but actually creating the costume. I love the brainstorming sessions over the dinner table— spitballing about ideas for ourselves and each other. To take something from imagination to reality is quite a feat, which adds to the pride felt when it comes time to parade around in costume.

Creating costumes is such a fun way to spend time together. When my son was two, he wanted to dress as a shark for Halloween, so I took him to the fabric store. We chose grey felt to make into a great white head, fin and tail. I’ll never forget the expression on his face when the pieces started to come together. The magic in the making definitely sparked something inside of him—the moment when he realized the ideas in his mind could actually come to life.

However, by time I’ve finished crafting his ensemble, I’ve run out of time to make something for myself! I always find myself scrambling at the last minute, trying to throw something together before we head out trick-or-treating.

Parents, never fear, we’ve got super simple costumes ideas here! Easily turn jeans and tee into a costume with Seedling! We’ve curated a few pieces here for quick costume solutions that still offer that hand-crafted, individualistic quality to your ensemble. Whether for yourself, or your kids, we’ve got creative costumes ideas for everyone this Halloween.


easy last minute halloween costume ideas


Queen of the Birds:

Design Your Own Bird Wings + Make Your Own Animal Mask Creation

Daring Knight:

Design Your Own Shield + Crown Yourself King +Design Your Own Sword

Super Stealthy Spy:

Mirrored Spy Glasses + Top Secret Spy KitMoustache Stash

Magical Fairy Princess:

Make Your Own Designer Tutu + Neon Princess Crown + Ribbon Wand

Outdoor Adventurer:

My Navigational Compass + Whistle 3-in-1 + Adventure Mini Satchel



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