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Keep the Kids Cool this Summer with Creative Water Play

The summer sun is high in the sky and the temperatures are rising right along with it. Help keep kids cool on hot afternoons with a little water play. Using simple supplies, you and the kids can create a few fun ways to cool off. Get wet and go wild! 

Water Blob

Made from plastic sheeting and filled with water, the make it yourself water blob is a sure to be a hit with your kids. Simply seal the edges with duct tape, (or seal by using an iron atop parchment paper to avoid melting the plastic), fill with water, and you're ready to chill out. 


Sprinkler Shower

With a little PVC piping from the hardware store, you can make sprinklers in just about any shape! Drill holes in the pipes and put together using elbow fittings. Connect the hose on one end, crank the water on, and go!

Slip and Slide

If you've got a grassy lawn, this is a summer must-do. This sure fire way to cool off this summer is made from heavy-duty plastic sheeting and a garden hose. What could be simpler? Bonus: To make the slide super slick, add a squirt of baby shampoo and watch the kids fly! 



What are your favorite ways to cool off the kids during the summer? Share with us in the comments below! 

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