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New Year, Fresh Start. Q+A with Rebecca Dane

As the last of the holiday decorations get boxed up and we settle back into to our regularly-scheduled lives, it's easy to slide back into old routines, our bright aspirations fading into the memory of the holiday season. To help inspire us to keep our resolutions and jumpstart the New Year, we reached out to actress and mom of two, Rebecca Gayheart Dane to see how she's planning to make her New Year count.
The New Year is here! How do you find time to center yourself and refocus after the busy holiday season? 

I love the beginning of the new year because it’s filled with the prospect of new opportunities, change, and overall good times. Each year I try to take a look at my life and see how I can simplify it and use my time more wisely. This year I plan on incorporating meditation into my routine. I know I will probably have a better chance in doing that in the morning when the kids are still asleep, and build on it each day. Of course just like everyone else, I will also try to recommit to my workout routines since it always makes me feel better.

What are you hoping to accomplish this New Year? 
I have a couple of resolutions. One of which is to take better care of myself and do more of what makes me happy. I know I’ll be a better wife and mother if I can find more balance in life. It’s an ongoing struggle but I plan on focussing on it this year. I guess we can call it the year of me!
Are you setting out on any family projects this year? 
We have a treehouse up on our hill side and it’s something that’s been on my list for a couple of years now and we’re going to finally work on it this Spring. The girls have given us great ideas for it and Eric has been figuring out how to connect a dumbwaiter from the house. I’m not so sure if it’s going to work, but we’re giving it a try. Of course as of now, there will be no boys allowed. (Except for dad.)
How do you stay creative?  Where do you draw inspiration from lately? 
In order to stay creative I’m always trying new things. I have many friends who are very crafty and so I learn a lot from them. They inspire me to do lots of DIY projects. Some are successes, and some are not so much. Reading books, going to museums, and immersing myself in nature also tends to do the trick. I played piano until I was 16 years old, and I’m just now picking it back up again. Despite being super rusty, it’s something I really enjoy. My kids also live in a creative state at all times so being with them allows me to enter their fantasy lands which will spark ideas. My girls inspire me to find fun and interactive ways for them to learn, even if it’s as trivial or boring as math. I’m attracted to all naturally beautiful things so something as simple as walking into a flower shop can get my creative juices flowing.
You and your husband live very busy lives. How you you carve out time to spend as a family? What are some of your traditions/outings/projects you like to do together?
I’m not going to lie its definitely challenging. We make an effort to have Friday family night which entails Jon and Vinny’s takeout, watching a movie, and playing a game of charades before bed. There’s some big laughs playing charades with kids I highly recommend it to all families! On the weekends we make pancakes for breakfast and go for family hikes in Franklin Canyon. My husband loves to sit down and tackle an advanced lego set with Billie, our oldest daughter, which allows me to play with Georgia with (what feels like) her 500 baby dolls.  Creating traditions for the kids is super important, but it really all begins with spending quality time together.

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