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Emoji Relay: Classic 'Telephone' Game with a Twist!


Guys, our latest app is out, and it is FUN. Meet Emoji Relay! 


In Emoji Relay, the classic party game "Telephone" meets the world of emoji! Pass your device between family and friends to translate a phrase back and forth between text and emoji, then see and share the hilarious results. We dare you not to laugh. 

Emoji Relay is the perfect game to play at home or on the go, at dinner parties, or while waiting in line at the movies or amusement park. Accommodating up to 12 players per game, you can choose from popular phrases to translate, or even make up your own! Or upgrade for access to book and movie titles, too! 



  • Choose from a starter set of popular phrases or create your own!
  • Easily find the perfect emoji with our searchable keyboard
  • Instantly share images of your game results
  • Keep the fun going with additional category packs available for in-app purchase

Download Emoji Relay on the App Store

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