About Us


Founded in New Zealand by Phoebe Hayman in 2007, Seedling began with an initial launch of activity kits that sparked hours of imaginative play.

Seedling's roots have always been planted in New Zealand. Seedling proudly remains a New Zealand owned and operated brand. The brand has changed ownership but our Mission continues to be to create beautiful, innovative family lifestyle products.

Seedling is passionate about the importance of growing young imaginations and celebrating the parenting journey one moment at a time. At Seedling, we want to make that journey a little bit easier and a lot more fun.

Seedling journey is continuing under the guidance of Sonya Brooks, the Brands Managing Director.  Sonya’s journey into the industry started with the birth of her son.  Sonya herself is dyslexic and was aware her son could also have learning challenges. This lead her on a path to finding toys and resources that would aid her sons development and learning. Fast-forward a few years that path has lead her to Seedling. 

Seedling is very proudly based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Where the team design and assemble Seedling.

We are excited to share Seedlings continuing story with Seedling fans worldwide.