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3 Simple Ways to Create Modern Holiday Moments

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be all-consuming. We spend December rushing around town, shopping for gifts, picking up groceries, and hunting for the perfect tree to haul home.

At the heart of the holidays is family and togetherness, so this season, find ways to spend meaningful moments with the ones that bring so much light to your life. Your kids might not remember that the lights strung from the eaves were perfectly parallel with the horizon, but they will remember the special moments you spend together.


Get Cooking

Cooking seems simply unavoidable during the holidays. Even if you’re not hosting any holiday festivities at your home, chances are you’ll be cooking something this season, whether it’s a dish for a neighborhood potluck or Christmas cookies for your kids’ teachers.

Call upon your little ones to give you a hand with the holiday baking. Kids love helping in the kitchen, so wrap them up in a pint-sized apron and pull out the kitchen stool. Measuring, mixing, and taste-testing make for such a sweet way to spend time together.


Trim the Tree

Decorating for the holidays brings the season to life, the magic beginning the moment the lights on the tree are first turned on. Our stashes of seasonal decor are typically full of ornaments we’ve collected over the years, brimming with nostalgia and memories of holidays past.

Now’s the time to create modern heirlooms with your children!  An afternoon spent painting ornaments, creating a snow globe, or cutting paper snowflake garlands may pass the time quickly, but will leave you and your children with memories that last a lifetime. And each year, the handmade decorations will again adorn the tree, allowing you relive the magic of spending that special time together again and again.


Modern Traditions

Make your family’s holiday traditions your own! Why stick to what your parents did when you were a kid? Create traditions that are unique to your own crew. Love the Nutcracker? Make a date to see a matinee and go for ice cream sundaes afterwards. Spend an evening skating at an outdoor ice rink and sip hot chocolate when your toes get too chilly. Decorate cookies after dinner, then take a drive through town to look at the holiday lights. Have a tree-trimming pizza party, and when it’s all decked out, screen your favorite holiday movie. Have a holiday brunch then hand-stamp rolls of butcher paper to create your own wrapping paper.


What are some of you favorite holiday traditions? We’d love to know. Share with us in the comments below!
Dec 22, 2015

great suggestions!!
Love the bedding in the pic. Do you know where it’s from?


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