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5 Favorites for Outdoor Family Fun



With the winter weather finally coming to and end, we're excited to get outside, bask in the sunshine and enjoy all that spring has to offer. Spending time outside in the fresh air is both invigorating and inspiring. This weekend, unplug yourself (and your kids) from your devices and reconnect with nature--together. Here are 5 of our favorite things to do for outdoor family fun. 


 1. Go for a Bike Ride

Pull the bikes out of the garage, pump up the tires, and get ready to ride. If you or your kids bike often, switch up your usual route. Find a new path to explore for a refreshing change of scenery. Many cities offer urban trails, boardwalks or other bike lanes designated for cycling. Get yourself all geared up and ready to roll with our tips for family bike rides. 


2. Take a Hike

There's so much to see in this world, and a nature hike is one of the best ways to see it all, both big and small, from grand old oaks to tiny toads. Whether you're tromping through a meadow, walking along the coast, or ascending into the hills, take time to appreciate the beauty of the landscape around you. Arm each member of the family with a small journal or notepad, and ask them to jot down their observations--colors, textures, insects, shapes of clouds and leaves... The young explorers in your family will be all geared up with  The Great Adventure Kit, complete with compass, journal, colored pencils, and a canvas messenger bag, to prep them for the hike ahead. 


3. Have a Picnic

Dining al fresco is a fun way to spend a weekend afternoon, so spread out a blanket and kick off your shoes. The kids will get a kick out of eating outside, and you'll love the break from cooking for a chance. (It's fine to eat cheese and crackers and grapes for dinner once in a while, right?) For menu ideas, outdoor games, and more, check out 4 Steps to a Perfect Picnic


4. Go Fly a Kite

What's more iconic than flying a kite on a windy spring day? Get kids geared up for high-flying fun! The Design Your Own Box Kite gives them the freedom to decorate their own kite. When their creation's complete, head out to a grassy field, park, or the beach and send the kite soaring into the clouds. 


5. Plant Some Inspiration 

Kids often love gardening--digging into the dirt, planting seeds in the soil, showering the plants with water. Encourage the whole family to hone their green thumb by planting a family garden. (No, you don't have to build a large raised bed, or get overwhelmed by garden designs you've seen on Pinterest.) This garden can be as simple as giving one flower pot to each member in your family to grow a plant of their choosing. Make the process even easier with our digital app, Grow, which guides users in growing their own plant. The timed alerts will remind you when to water, and even prompt you take a daily photo, eventually to create a time-lapse video of the plant's growth! Gardening has never been this fun--or easy! 



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