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Ride into Summer: Family Bike Ride Cheat Sheet

One of our favorite summer pastimes is packing a picnic and taking a long family bike ride. There’s nothing quite like coasting atop spinning wheels, the wind blowing in your hair. To help make your next bike outing  a breeze, check out our bike ride cheat sheet.

 Family Bike Ride Cheat Sheet from @Seedling

Get Geared Up

Helmets are a must-have for everyone, no matter their level of cycling ability. Wearing one should be a no-brainer!

Bike lights are a safety necessity, especially if your ride extends into the evening hours. Mount both a headlight and taillight on each bike to increase visibility to cars and other cyclists.

Ding! Bicycle bells are not only fun to ring, but serve a safely purpose as well, alerting to pedestrians and other bikers to your presence.


Kids in Tow

There are several options for children who are too small to bike on their own. Little ones can ride in a mounted bike seat on the front or rear of your bike, or you can tow them in a bike trailer behind you. Older kids may enjoy riding along on a trailer bike—think tandem attachment for kids— with seat, handle bars, and pedals that mounts to the back of your bicycle. 


What to Pack

Be sure to tote plenty of water for each person. Staying hydrated is crucial when exercising outdoors. Stash a few high-protein snacks in your backpack to keep up everyone’s energy. Sunscreen is a must if you’ll be riding for a prolonged period of time—you’ll want to reapply periodically. Bring along sweatshirts or light layers in case the weather turns cool while you’re out.


Where to Ride

Whether you live in a big city or a small mountain town, there are always places to ride! If your city streets are a little too busy to ride comfortably, do a little searching online—many cities have bike paths, urban trails, or boardwalks designated for biking.


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