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Festival of Fun: Boho Crafts & Artsy Accessories


The wildflowers are in bloom, the birds sing sweetly, and the sun shines longer with each passing day. Spring is in full swing, bringing a rebirth of nature, of imagination, of possibility.

We’re swept up by the magic of it all, inspired by the endless potential spring brings. It’s time to get outdoors, to sing our own songs, and let our imaginations run wild.

This spring, we’re adding a dash of music festival flair to spark your creativity. These artsy, boho-inspired picks are perfect whether you’re headed to an outdoor concert to see your favorite band, or singing your favorite tunes in the backyard. Either way, crank up the volume, belt out those lyrics, and let your creativity run free.



  1. Magic Butterflies. Wind up this colorful paper butterfly and watch it magically flutter away.
  2. Queen of the Fairies Crown. With flowers, butterflies, ribbons and glitter, this hand-made crown will adorn you for the most whimsical of adventures.
  3. Design Your Own Butterfly Wings and Design Your Own Bird Wings. Decorate your wings with bright colors, add some sparkle, and let your imagination soar!
  4. Design Your Own Indie Bangles. Show off your artistic side with perfect accessory for any festival boho ensemble!
  5. Create Your Own Dreamcatcher. Weave a little magic, hand above your bed, and slip into a sweet dream-filled sleep.
For more boho-inspired fun, view the full Festival of Fun collection here. 

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