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Baked With Love: A Guilt-Free Valentine's Treat Loaded With Sweetness

I’ve always LOVED the look of those sweet little candy necklaces with their bright pastel colors. They make great props for parties and the littles seem to love them for their novelty. Try to tear them away before those little teeth tear into them, though, and we’ve got a problem!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to re-create the sweet look without the added sugar, so to speak, and to deliver the necklaces themselves in a pretty little package with a meaningful message. Seedling to the rescue!

The Love Hearts Beading Set paired with the Cookie Coin Purses  and Fortune Coin Purses were just what I needed to bake up some guilt-free goodies!

I gathered together my kiddos and a few of their friends and with a couple of simple added elements, we had a no fuss party with all of the fun! We filled glass containers with the beads and “cookies”, brought out a cookie sheet and bakers hat, and the littles were ready to get cooking.  


This party was mostly made up of boys (which you might think would be an issue), but they loved making the necklaces, and WEARING them! It just proves the power of something that is handmade.



 After the crafting session, we picked a cookie coin purse to carry our valentine in… along with a message (fortune), which the kids couldn’t wait to hear read  aloud. 

This is one of the easiest “parties” I’ve put together, but the visual pop of the beads and coin purses, along with the thoughtful sentiment gave it a powerful impact.  

… and of course I brought along some “real life” cupcakes too, because I’m a softy with a serious sweet-tooth. 



Happy Valentine’s Day!


Photography by Dee Murphy and Avia Rosen Photography

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