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Star Signs: Happy Birthday to the Aquarius Kids

Sign: Aquarius

Air Sign

Dates 1/20-2/18

Animal: The Water Bearer

Notable Aquarians: Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfrey, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


It’s time to celebrate the Aquarius Kids! With keen, inquiring minds, Aquarians are fascinated by learning how things work, and are often adept with tools. Since their minds move quickly, they often gravitate to stories of wizards, space, and science fiction. And they love the mystery and intrigue of a good magic trick!

Aquarians tend to be highly individualistic creatures. They love to make bold statements, and have an innate sense of fashion—and impeccable style. For Aquarians, variety is the spice of life. They are adventurous and active, and love to exert their energy in all different ways, from sports to dance to playing music.

Looking for the perfect gift for an Aquarian kid in your life? These picks are sure to capture their attention this year!


1. Pocket Box of Party Tricks

Complete with magic cups, illusion cards, and a ball, your little magician will have everyone asking, “How did you do that?”

2. The Fashion Designer’s Kit

Complete with wooden mannequin, textured fabrics, beads, and ribbon, their sense of style can truly come to life. 

3. Be the Master of Your Own Solar System

Let them chart their own course through the galaxy. We bet fellow Aquarian Buzz Aldrin would have loved this one!


4. Geometric Paper Structures Kit

Spark their interest in engineering with the endless possibilities of this straw structure building kit. They’ll be amazed at what they can create. 

5. Make Your Own Kaleidoscope

Help them harness their inner Galileo. (Also an Aquarius!) They’ll see the world in a new light with the infinite possibilities of optical fun.


Be sure to check back each month for each of the monthly Star Signs. Don't let Mercury in Retrograde to get the best of you!


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