5 Festive Friends-Giving Crafts for the Holidays November 18 2015, 0 Comments

Five Festive Friends-Giving Crafts for the Holidays! // Seedling

Over the past several years, “friends-giving” has become an increasingly popular way to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Friends gather together to share in their own brand of the holiday, cultivating their own traditions, personalizing menus and dishes to be served, and coming up with new games to be played.

One of our favorite ways to create memories with those near and dear to our hearts is to spend time being artistic together. The joy of discovering the creativity within yourself while crafting with your besties is priceless. Imagine, create, laugh, and truly enjoy time together while harnessing your inner artists, no matter how “artsy” you think you may be. Who knows? You may just surprise yourself with your innate ability to create something truly expressive.

Deck out your celebration this year with our five favorite Friends-giving crafts. Create something great while spending time together! 

1. Floral Crowns

    Thanksgiving is the epitome of the magic brought by fall each year. Celebrate the bounty of the harvest season by creating floral crowns to don at dinner. Adorn the headpieces with leaves and flowers in the warmest autumnal hues. They’ll make your feast oh-so festive!

    2. My Mini Masterpiece

    These adorable tiny canvases sit upon tiny easels and are the perfect craft to set at each place-setting before the big feast. With a few hues of paint and a small brush, guests can channel their inner Matisse. When everyone’s paintings have dried, arrange them together to create one large mosaic. A simple and satisfying way to create a collaborative piece that will be totally Instagram-worthy. 

    3. Make Your Own Dream Catcher

    Dreamcatchers have made a major comeback lately, showcased everywhere from dining room walls to baby nurseries to rear-view windows. The holidays are a time for reflection and goal-setting for the New Year, so why not create a dream catcher to help make all your dreams come true? Even better, create one to give as a gift for the holidays.

    4. Make Your Own Rope Bangles

    The rope jewelry trend is still on point, and we couldn’t love it any more! Bring a pop of color to any outfit with these fun-to-make braided bangles. Make one for a friend, for a family member, or create one to keep for yourself to wear all year long.

    5. Stencil Art Tote Bag

    We can always use an extra canvas tote around the house, so why not customize your own? Make a tote to give as a gift! Create a library book bag for the kids, a dance bag for your niece, a farmers’ market bag for your girlfriend… The ideas are endless! The tote kit comes with fabric spray paint, colored pencils, sponge brushes, and of course, stencils to boldly make a statement all your own.


    What are your favorite Friends-Giving traditions? Share with us in the comments below!