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Let's Play! Introducing the Seedling Scavenger Bingo App

Here at Seedling, we’re bridging the gap between real world and digital play. We’ve imagined a way to blend the two, and are proud to introduce our newest app, Seedling Scavenger Bingo!

Seedling Scavenger Bingo is a uniquely interactive app that offers players of all ages the opportunity to explore the childlike wonderment of the world. Scavenger Bingo takes the work out of creating a traditional scavenger hunt, giving friends and family more time to explore, adventure, and see the world through fresh eyes together.

Easily create and play real-world photo scavenger hunts with family and friends. Our ready-to-play games feature a range of locations—whether you’re in the big city, on a nature walk, taking a road trip, at the zoo, grocery shopping, or out in your own backyard, there are several pre-made hunts to play.



Playing Seedling Scavenger Bingo couldn't be easier—choose your location and click “start game”. When you’ve found an object on your hunt, simply tap the tile and snap a photo. Once you’ve taken photos of all the items in your grid, tap “I’m done.” You can save your final grid to your camera roll, or share via text, email or on your social networks. 

Add a little healthy competition to your game—Seedling Scavenger Bingo features collaborative play against friends and family. Invite up to 8 players (or teams) to join your hunt over Bluetooth or WiFi. Race each other against the clock and snap pics of all the items in your grid to win. You can even use your Apple Watch to check the game clock and see what items need to be crossed off your list.

Feeling creative? Unlock the option to create your own hunt for friends and family to play. Choose from over 400 icons to customize your bingo grid. You can search for anything! Family heirlooms, hidden treasures, cookbooks, favorite toys, dad’s old slippers… Create custom hunts for birthday parties or even office team-building! The possibilities are endless. The more clever you can be with your custom hunt, the more fun it will be!

Parenting in the modern world has shown us that our children’s interest in technology is inevitable. They see us scrolling on our phones, working on laptops, shopping on tablets, so it’s no wonder they have an inherent curiosity around our devices and their capabilities.

Seedling Scavenger Bingo blends tech and real world play seamlessly. It’s a truly unique app that excites kids and motivates them to run, search, climb, peek, duck and play—keeping them active while using technology.

As parents, we’re honored by the opportunity to inspire the next generation of creators, innovators, and change-makers. Our children are curious and courageous, and have ideas as big as the world. Seedling Scavenger Bingo offers players of all ages the opportunity to explore  the childlike wonderment of the world.

Click here to learn more about Seedling Scavenger Bingo and download yours for free!  

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