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How to Host a Brunch for Friends (And Kids, Too!)


“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” - John Gunther 

While we’re of course being tongue and cheek, brunch is one of life’s simple (and sometimes guilty) pleasures. We love meeting up with friends at new hot spots and old favorites, recapping the week’s events, stealing bites off each others’ plates, and toasting our pals' successes. And, hey, a healthy dose of silly gossip and side of daydreaming adds to the fun.

This weekend ritual, however, might not seem feasible post kids. Stealing away for an extended breakfast may even feel a little daunting — and overly indulgent — when it means less free-time with the fam. But before you put your brunch life on the back burner, consider this: What better way to enjoy “me two” time than to host a kid-friendly party at home? 

Brunching at home is actually quite simple and seamless. We promise the location change won’t be another chore on your to-do list. It’s more affordable, you don’t have to get dressed up, there’s no waiting in line, and you get to hang out in a comfy space without the pressure to move along. We don’t need any more convincing — we’re ready to send the invites out. You?

Set a Standing Date

When organizing a morning get-together with your besties, setting a reoccurring date works wonders when juggling family schedules. Knowing you have a standing brunch on the third Sunday of every month ensures that squeezing in “me two” time with your friends doesn’t slide — and it will become something you and your littles will look forward to with anticipation.

Keep the Menu Simple

Simplify your brunch menu to keep kitchen prep to a minimum. Don’t be afraid to assign dishes to friends. Make prepare-ahead french toast or eggs as your brunch's main feature. Buy goodies from the grocery store. Scones from the bakery section will disappear just the same as if you baked them. Cheat by relying on pre-cut produce when making a fruit salad to serve. Upgrade frozen waffles with a custom topping bar, including whipped cream, shredded coconut, mango, banana chips, berries, chocolate chips, and more. Get creative. Then, dish it up buffet style. Moms will love that it’s low stress, and the kiddos will love the independence of serving themselves (bonus: even picky kids love breakfast foods!). 

Create a Crafty Table

Get crafty when setting the table. For a no-fuss clean up, cover your table in kraft or butcher paper that can be tossed after friends depart. Give it personality by drawing faux placemats guests can decorate. Or create a centerpiece of mason jars filled with crayons, markers, and stickers that kids and adults can doodle with as they dine. Everyone loves this meditative activity!

Designate a Kid Space

The conversation between friends really gets lively after eating. So, carve out a space the kids can enjoy before and after they fill up on food, empowering them to freely come and go to play. A small craft table set up in a playroom, living room, or backyard is the perfect solution for occupying your kiddos' attention and getting their creative juices flowing. It also allows them to bond with their buddies and foster friendships through imaginative play.

By bringing brunch home, you’ll feed your meter and your children’s because a nurturing environment with food and comfort at its heart teaches kids about self-fulfillment, commitment to others, friendship, and love.

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