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Supercharge Your Imagination with Seedling Comic Studio

Storytelling takes many forms and is brought to life using many different tools. A painting, a movie, a book all communicate personal messages, imagined adventures, and dreamed-up worlds. Interestingly, comics relate to the earliest cave drawings, hieroglyphics, and medieval needlepoint tapestries — the beginning of stories told in pictures. And today’s modern comic books were actually born in the 1930s, skyrocketing to popularity after the introduction of the superhero archetype made famous by Batman and Superman.

We're excited to introduce you to the next generation of storytelling — Seedling’s first-ever mobile app where kids can create and star in their very own comic. Like the endless possibilities our physical products inspire, Seedling Comic Studio continues to revolutionize play by adding a new dimension for children to explore, a new tool to create and communicate.

With a different medium to experiment with and make their own, Seedling Comic Studio supercharges kids’ imagination and enhances play. The fun doesn't end after they personalize their Seedling cape, mask, or crown — together you and your child can continue their story by designing an amazing comic book that brings the physical to life in an awesome digital world. Because kids are used to shifting between the physical and digital, we think their toys should seamlessly support all ways of collaborating, creating, and storytelling. 

No character or plot is off limits. Whether they love secret powers, pixel art, or traveling to the final frontier, your comic artists will fall in love with visual storytelling and get excited about bringing their wildest dreams to life. With three free themes (Comic, Pixel, and Space) and more available for purchase (Haunted and Doodle), children can star in or invent characters that explore unique journeys, points of view, and fun in different genres. Any Seedling Activity Kit is the perfect jumping off point for another series.

In addition to fabricating their own world, makers will enjoy connecting writing with art through sticker effects, costumes, and props that bring their comics to life. And they're empowered to express themselves with customizable speech bubbles and backgrounds — including an awesome feature that allows them to easily cut people or objects out of other images for a truly personal adventure.

Seedling Comic Studio inspires kids to experiment with language and art, push the limits of their imagination, and share in good ol’ fun. It inspires open-ended collaborative play that crosses from physical to digital and everything in between. It’s an experience where your kids will lead the way to creative play! Speaking from personal experience, they’ll have a library where they and their friends are the stars of the best comics in the world — their own.

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Seedling Comic Studio. Download yours here for free!




Jul 28, 2017

Hi Max,

Currently, Comic Studio is available on iOS devices only.

Team Seedling

Jul 16, 2017

Please please tell me you have a PC or Android version, yes?


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