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Bring Your Kids to Work Day

Last week, we held an office-wide Bring Your Kids to Work Day! Our space was infused with the wonderment of childhood as our little ones explored what being part of Team Seedling means. Ranging from three to thirteen years old, our kids were introduced to each department with an activity that explained a little bit about what we all do here. After being outfitted in Seedling shirts, they were ready to get to work. 

The Marketing team kicked off the day to explain to brand awareness, then gave the kids a mini Instagram tutorial. Armed with parents' smartphones, the kids staged their props and snapped away. 


The Creative and Product Development team shared how all of our products are imagined, tested, finalized, and packaged. Each armed with a Seedling Activity Kit, the kids were off to create their own masterpieces: painting and designing sharks, tutus, birdhouses, flutes, and more. 





After lunch, the kids were wowed by the tech team who shared a preview all of the exciting apps we're developing. They were then treated to a take a walk in a virtual reality maze, and to witness some high-flying drones, which were a hit with all. 



To round out the day, the kids were treated to a little "shopping" tip in our on-site showroom, choosing something to bring home to keep their creativity flowing.


All in all, it was a pretty true-to-life day at the Seedling office. Even little Dylan managed to squeeze in some face time with our CEO. 

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