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Three Inspiring Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Instagram is an alluring landscape filled with color and complexity, where millions share snapshots of their lives: where they've traveled, what they're eating, what they're wearing, what they're seeing. With so many, how do you discover new users to follow? Our #30daysofplay Instagram contest sparked us to find feeds with a playful, fresh, and colorful vibe. We hope that they'll bring a little inspiration to your life as well. 

Dallas Clayton

At a glance, it's not surprising to find that Dallas Clayton is a mural artist, children's book author, and illustrator. On a mission to spread happiness, he travels to schools, hospitals, colleges, libraries and everywhere in between, speaking, reading, and inspiring his audiences to do the same. #instahappy


Interior designer Susan Hutchinson has a keen eye for beauty and a love of all things French. The mother of twins shares her life on Instagram via images with an innate photojournalistic quality. From the bridges of Paris to snaps of her impossibly adorable children, her fresh photos will leave you daydreaming. 


Chasing Linen

Illustrator and shop owner Dianuh Aerin Kim shares the beauty of simplicity with her photography. Driven by finding the art in everything — from "the momentum of crashing waves" to "the seams of your favorite jeans," Kim shares her images of carefully-crafted cups of coffee, hand-drawn doodles, trees and florals in full bloom. One glance at her Insta feed will put a soft smile on your face. 



What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow? Share your picks with us in the comments below! 


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