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Best Backyard Games to Play this Summer

Summer means hours spent outside in the fresh air and warm sun. It can be overwhelming to find activities for the kiddos to help fill the long summer days, so we've come up with a little cheat sheet of super fun backyard games. They're easy to implement, fun to play, and will entertain kids and adults alike. Get out and play! 


Best Backyard Games to Play this Summer #30daysofplay 

Giant Jenga

Test your skills with an oversized Jenga game made with a few 2x4' planks. Bonus tip: Have the wood cut at the hardware store to save time and ensure even cuts for a balanced tower. Paint the cut edges to make the pieces pop. 

Sidewalk Chalk Dance

This new twist on hopscotch will bring out the choreographer in everyone. The first player starts with one movement, and writes in chalk on ground. Player two performs the first movement, then determines next step, and writes in succession. Repeat until you've danced yourselves dizzy around the whole block! 

Milk Crate Tug-of-War

Channel your inner American Gladiator and test your balance with a milk crate tug-of-war. Just invert crates, space apart, grab a rope and yank. Want to create a bigger challenge? Place a kiddie pool in between the crates for a big splash. 

Squirt Gun Art

How fun is squirt art?! Hang a roll of butcher paper along a fence, or spread across the grass, mix up a little paint, and squirt away. Guaranteed to appeal to the inner artist in all. 

Spider Web Race

Wrap elastic rope, twine, or crepe paper around tree trunks to create a tangled web to climb through. Add a time challenge by using a stopwatch to clock each person. See who can get through the web the fastest without getting too tangled up. 

Water Balloon Piñatas 

Beat the summer heat with water balloon piñatas! Using a wiffle ball bat or pool noodle, see how many balloons each person can pop in 30 seconds. Whoever ends up the wettest wins!  

Bean Bag Ladder Toss

Elevate the usual bean bag toss by using a standard A-frame ladder! Assign point values to each rung and toss away. 

Lawn Twister

This twist on the classic party game is perfect for outdoors. No more sliding on the vinyl mat on the grass. Simply create a circular stencil, place upon the lawn, and spray with your favorite colors of spray paint. Make the game grid as big as you like to accommodate more players. Just be sure to stretch before you start the game. 

Obstacle Course

Pool noodles aren't just for the water anymore! Buy up a stash at your local dollar store, and let your imagination run wild. Turn them into hurdles, a ring toss, limbo stick, geometrical shapes to crawl through, or basketball hoop, and arrange your stations around the yard. Ready, set, GO! 

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