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How to Avoid Summer Road (Trip) Rage

Road trips are still among the most popular of summer vacations, allowing families to see the countryside, discover unknown towns, and enjoy the journey as well as the destination. Whether you're heading up the California coast, venturing to Mount Rushmore, or going to gaze upon the Grand Canyon, here are a few tips to keep everyone in the family road rage free while traveling in close confines. 

Map It Out

Before you set out on your journey, map out your route. Depending on the length of your drive, you'll want to account for any stops that you'll need to make — — bathroom breaks, refuels, stretching your legs, or even a quick pic at those quirky roadside attractions. If you're on a particularly long haul, divvy up driving shifts to keep eyes fresh and alert. Have the kids trace your progress on an old-school atlas or dream up and decorate their own fantastic destinations on our Citizens of the World Map.

Pack Some Snacks

"I'm hungry. I'm thirsty." To avoid unnecessary stops, be prepared with healthy snacks and drinks for all. Pack foods that will leave the least mess behind (and remember a small bag to easily collect wrappers or trash). Sandwiches, string cheese, carrot sticks, apples, and grapes typically do well on the road. Bring water in travel bottles with straws or other spill-proof features for the little ones. And when the cooler is finally empty, ask a local where to eat — refueling at tasty cafe will leave you feeling better than fast food.

Put Your Stamp On It

Pick up inexpensive postcards at gas stations and souvenir shops along the way. Jot down a sweet memory from the trip. Then mail yourself notes to read as a story when you get home. Don't forget to tuck a book of stamps in your wallet! 

Are We There Yet?

The excitement of a road trip can quickly fade once you've gotten beyond city limits are sights are far and few between. To avoid the inevitable question from being spoken too soon, have a little entertainment on hand. Audio books are captivating and help to make a long drive fly by. Choose a story that's fit for the whole family, and chat about the plot after every few chapters. Create a music playlist with songs that everyone likes. Turn it into a karaoke game, and let each person take a turn in belting out their favorite tunes. Outfit the little ones with a notebook and colored pencils and ask them to create a Visual Diary of exciting things they spy out their windows. 

Want more ideas in your back pocket? Seedling Co-Founder Soleil Moon Frye shares her favorite activities for summer road travel with KTLA.

Get Comfy

Long drives often elicit sleepy eyes. Toss a few small pillows and blankets in the car to help the kiddos cozy up for a nap. Keep a change of clothes easily accessible for all if driving late into the night. Comfy pants, a sweatshirt and extra pair of socks for chilly toes will come in super handy. 

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Do you have any tried-and-true road trip tips to share? Let us know in the comments below. 

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