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Q+A with Style Maven and Mom Rachel Zoe

Fashion designer and editor Rachel Zoe is known for turning heads with her effortlessly chic style. This mother of two is inarguably an authority on all things en vouge, making name for herself as one of the most prominent American designers. We caught up with Rachel to find out how she stays inspired, teaches her sons about giving back, and how she brings creativity to every day. 


Rachel Zoe and Family


1. How does creativity play a part in your daily life? 

As a mother and entrepreneur, I am constantly  inspired by the world around me through nature, architecture, or people. My passions in life have always drawn me to creative environments, and I'm fortunate to be able to use my work and my time with my family as ways to express and explore my creativity. 


2. What do you do for inspiration? Or how do you overcome feeling uninspired? 

When I'm feeling uninspired, I usually sit outside, in total peace, and take a minute to reflect. Nature always has a way of reinvigorating me creatively. If I have the time to travel, I love going to Europe. The people and incredible scenery are endless sources of inspiration. Hugs from my boys always work too! 


3. How are you teaching your kids about creativity and self-expression?  

I never try to control or manipulate what my kids do creatively. They do so many creative things throughout the day - whether it be story time or arts & crafts - I believe in nurturing their artistic interests and supporting their self expression. 


4. What is your favorite thing to do when you're spending time with your kids? 

We love spending time outdoors. We also love arts & crafts, baking and story time.

 Rachel Zoe Seedling Design Your Own Dragon


5. What has been one of your most memorable moments since becoming a mother?  

Everyday is better than the last! Opportunities where we can teach our boys something new is always a memorable moment. This past holiday season we took the kids to the Baby2Baby holiday party - it was the first time I was able to show and teach them the real importance of giving back.

More recently, my older son was in his first musical, Annie. I think that will always be a standout moment for me -- seeing him thrive in such a creative space.


6. What do you hope your kids will learn from you? 

Kindness, honesty, and learning to give back. 


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