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Get Creative Over Spring Break! Introducing seedling. + Target!


It’s mid-March, which means Spring Break is just around the corner. While some families will be heading out of town for a quick trip, many will spend the time off at home. And for parents, this raises the inevitable question: what to do with the kids while they’re out of school for the week? 

Today’s kids spend the majority of their time in the classroom, sitting at desks, reading textbooks, listening to lessons and lectures. As parents we understand it's essential to break kids from their daily routine— we all need time off to recharge. But recharging should include unplugging, not merely spending the week mindlessly playing video games on tablets, or binge-watching their favorite shows.

This spring break, make an effort to engage your kids in a more meaningful way. Get them to unplug their devices and instead, tap into their creativity. Inspire them to discover new ways of thinking through creative exploration. How? We’re so glad you asked!

We’re excited to announce our latest line of activity kits, designed specifically for today’s tweens. Inspired by the 60s and 70s, this whimsical collection features bright, bold hues, and a variety of materials and textures to inspire their inner artist. Introducing our brand-new exclusive line, seedling. + Target!


With 9 unique kits in the collection, there’s something to appeal to kids of all interests, ranging from fashion to decor to desk accessories. So, break open the box and let creativity flow. Encourage them to play by their own rules and enjoy the process. They’ll be amazed at what they can create.

Make it an event! Have your kids invite a couple friends over for a “crafternoon”  to create and collaborate on their artsy pieces. Or, schedule a family fun night where everyone gathers around the kitchen table to create something unique.

The best part? Once the designs are complete, they can be used everyday! They can plant the Design Your Own Pencil Bouquet on their desk at school, hang a succulent in their room with the Design Your Own Hanging Rope Planter,  stash their cell in the Design Your Own Phone Case, or pull on the Design Your Own Alien Beanie on chilly mornings.

Discover the entire line of seedling. + Target activity kits at Target stores nationwide and online at






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