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Grow Your Own Way with Our Latest App, Grow by Seedling!

Chilly winter days inevitably lead to daydreams of spring, when the snow finally melts, the green grass emerges, and the birds sing from the trees. To help put an end to seemingly endless cabin fever, we’re unveiling a fun and interactive way for kids to play in both a real-world and digital way! Announcing our latest digital app, Grow!

Grow blends real-world and digital play in a seamless, easy-to-use app, fun for all ages. Grow guides kids through the process of growing their own plant, encouraging them to plant a little inspiration—literally— and watch it bloom. Simply choose one of the suggested plants from the in-app list, or choose your own plant to get started. Seeds can easily be sourced at your local hardware or gardening store, or even online!

Once they’ve planted their seeds, kids can use the app to set reminders to notify them when the plant needs to be watered. The app keeps track of their progress, and awards them with ribbons and badges for good watering habits, teaching responsibility and consistency, and is full of interesting tidbits and tips.

As the plant begins to emerge from the soil, kids are encouraged to snap a daily photo to track its growth. These photos will eventually string together to create a time-lapse video of their plant to proudly share with friends and family.

Once the seeds sprout, spring should be in full swing. Spend an afternoon together outdoors— move the plant from its indoor pot to an outside space to enjoy all season long. Try planting carrot, radish, or lima bean seeds—when they’re ready, you can pick, wash, and eat together!


Grow offers much more than a basic tutorial on how to cultivate a plant. It gives parents a platform to engage kids on a deeper level by starting conversations about the world around them, and to spark their curiosities.

Encourage your kids to make observations as their plant matures. Ask them to describe how the plant has changed from one day to the next, or what they think might happen if they forget to water it. Ask them to sketch their plant as it looks today, then draw a picture of how they think it will look a week from today. Come back to the drawing a week later and see if their predictions came true.

Feeling adventurous? Ask older kids to plant two kinds of seeds and track the progress between each type. Which plant grows faster? What similarities or differences do they share?

Grow is aimed to grow children’s developing skills, to teach responsibility in a fun and interactive way, and to inspire young minds to ask thoughtful, observational questions about the world around them. There’s no limit to what we can grow together.

Learn more about Grow and discover more ways to play here!

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