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Create Your Own Valentine’s LOVE Glitter Globe


What is it about the swirl of glittery flakes in a snow globe that not only catches our attention but our imaginations as well? The magic of recreating the snowy scene over and over again captures a moment of childhood wonder. 

My son in particular, at age 6, loves snow globes. Sometimes he shakes one vigorously to see just how fast he can get the snow to move and other times he simply turns the glove over once to watch the movement. Since he can gaze into these globes so happily, we thought it would be fun to create a snow globe together.

But to make our globe really unique, we decided to make one for Valentine's Day with red glitter and the LOVE sculpture. Last year my husband and I took our first trip to NYC and stood by Robert Indiana's massive red letters of L-O-V-E.

We used Seedling's Let It Snow! Snow Globe kit to make our idea come to life! First, I printed an image of the sculpture so that we could use it as a pattern for shaping the clay. We warmed the sticks and formed them into each letter. Since they had to stand up on top of one another, we made each letter almost an inch thick so that they could stand strong in the dome.


 Next we made the mound for the bottom of the globe. We decided to contrast the colors to help our LOVE stand out more. Using the bottom of the globe we  pushed down on the clay to make sure we had just the right size to create a tight seal.

 We attached the LOVE piece to the mound, and measured out the foam seal to complete the structure for the globe.

For the base, my son and I added heart stickers in pattern and painted over top for a fun tape resist project. It was great to hear him be surprised to see the heart shapes emerge as we peeled away the stickers.

We filled up the globe to the rim and sprinkled in red and silver glitter and some red sequins, too. While the globe was upside down we pushed the sculpture and mound into place, topped with the foam seal, and screwed on the lid. We wiped away the remaining water and set the globe inside the heart base.

And now we have LOVE to gaze upon just in time for Valentine's Day because snow globes can capture your imagination any time of year!


Happy Valentine's Day! 


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