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Creating a Practical and Playful Space: Design Tips from Laurel & Wolf

We've all heard how we're products of our environment, so transforming your space to reflect your personality and style is key to feeling inspired. Today, we've partnered with our friends and experts in all things interior design Laurel & Wolf to create a space where moms can foster creative growth within themselves and their children. No matter the square footage you have available, they show us how easy it is for parents to carve out a haven for themselves — and one they deserve.

As designers, we often refer to creative spaces as physical locations within our homes or offices that exist with the goal to inspire. However, the beauty of creativity is that it doesn't have to preside in a specific location or within a single entity. Creativity can strike at any moment and often does so when we least expect it. Whether you are inspired while visiting far-reaching destinations or at your go-to coffee shop down the street, discovering your creative place can happen anywhere!

With Seedling's ideals in mind, Laurel & Wolf designer Jessica Today designed a space that is both creative and efficient. 


A well-designed mom's space keeps items like school work, projects, and toys organized while at the same time maintaining an area for mom to express herself and her personal sense of style.


When building a practical, yet playful space, organization is key. With countless creative endeavors comes the possibility of creating a sizable mess. Designate a shelf or two to display your children's artwork and store stuffed animals in stylish, exposed containers. Statement-making bookends, like the ones featured below, add an elevated touch and help to tie the room together.



Create the perfect backdrop for your space by opting for a large bulletin board and "pinning" (in real life) your favorite quotes, photos, and ideas. With bulletin boards, making a beautiful mess is key, so feel free to overlap reminders and other inspirations as they emerge.



Fueling imagination through self-discovery is the basis of design. Rather than simply selling a finished product, Seedling's activity kits encourage the journey of creation and celebrate the parenting process, one project at a time. Regardless of where you feel the most inspired, or how you exhibit your personal creativity, having the space to exercise your art can transform your life.


Laurel & Wolf

Photos by Nick O'Neill. Design by Jessica Today.


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