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5 Chic Ways to Showcase Your Child's Artwork

School’s back in session, so your kids’ creativity is likely kicked up a notch. It’s definitely exciting to see the magic they invent and the worlds they paint after a day in the classroom. Before you know it, though, the artwork your little ones tote home no longer fits neatly on the fridge. 

For parents, we know it can be hard to part with children's masterpieces even when they’re spilling to the floor and cluttering your well designed home. Just like the chic storage you use to hide toys in the living room, there are many savvy ways to showcase your budding Picasso’s work without cramping your style. Plus, you’ll create an inspired personal space that really reflects what you love and cherish most — your family.

Go Gallery

Inspired by museums, gallery walls make great focal points and conversation starters at home. They’re highly customizable — truly anything goes. Arrange similar works in a grid-like manner. Or take a free-spirited approach and mix and match art styles and frames. Throw your kids' artwork into the mix and display it alongside other paintings, prints, and photos. Swap in new artwork as the seasons or their interests change. Not only does this elevate the look, but it will make you and your kiddos smile with pride every time you see it.

Cloche Encounters

Accessorize your mantel or bookcase with your children’s art by placing their favorite sculptures under a glass cloche. Displaying it this way transforms it from a dust collector to a prized objet d’art. And the juxtaposition of the more formal cloche with youthful creation injects a sense of fun and playfulness in your decor. 

Modern Family

Create a family art piece that is as meaningful as it is modern. Together, paint wooden figurines in the style of your favorite artist or aesthetic. Andy Warhol fan? Choose bright colors and try color blocking. Or stipple it like a Renoir. The custom set will make great props for decorating anything from an entry table to a piano top or dresser as the textures and colors will pop against big, clean shapes.

Table Stakes

Coffee tables can get a little lonely and drab with only remote controls. Up your game by turning your kid’s art into an interactive sculpture that invites guests to play and create, like these mod blocks. Or encourage some light reading by turning messy piles of artwork into memorable coffee table books with sites like Plum Prints, Snapfish, and Artifact Uprising. Pick the book’s binding and cover to match your personal tastes.

Toying Around

Art can take many forms. So, try creating in a different medium or turn your children’s artwork into a plush toy. The soft toys will look on point styled with complementary pillows on a bed, cute if left behind on your couch, and age-appropriate-chic when framed in a bedroom, playroom, or nursery. 

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