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Four Games to Play for Family Game Night

Between soccer practice, dance classes, and board meetings, it can be tricky to keep all members of the family connected. Carve out time to spend together by designating a one night of the week family game night! Rotate who gets to chooses the game each week so everyone gets a chance to play their fave. For a little inspiration to get things going, here are some of our top picks. Let the games begin! 


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This fast-paced card game blends shape and color matching with speed. The objective? To get rid of all the cards in your hand as quickly as possible. Although the suggested age range starts with 7, Blink helps younger kids build color and shape recognition skills, helps to sharpen their reaction time, and is fun for all ages. 


There is so much fun to be had with dominoes, for both young and old. Play the traditional game, stack them as high as you can, or set them in rows and knock them down in succession. So many ways to play! 

Apples to Apples

This family-friendly game is great for ages 9 and up and can accommodate any number of players. The "judge" lays down a “description” card and the other players choose a card from their hand that represents the word on the card. Try to sway the “judge” by playing cards that best appeal to her sense of humor—it’s all subjective, so anything goes!


As a mishmash of drawing, acting, singing, clay-molding, trivia, and spelling, Cranium will have you in stitches. Perfect for tweens, teens, and adults, the catch-all nature of the game offers an array of subjects, which makes it appealing to all. Watch out for cards that demand every team play at once—it’s pretty tricky to hum a tune for your teammates to guess while your opponents are humming simultaneously, but it’s always hilarious. Bonus points if you can get through your tune without laughing.


Do you have a family game night? Share your favorite games to play in the comments below! 


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