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Color 101: What's The Meaning of Your Favorite Color?

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From a very early age, we declare a favorite color. Whether we discovered it in a crayon box, admired it on a BFF, or knew it was meant to be in our heart of hearts, a specific color can excite us and express our personality. You know this feeling. Maybe as a kid, you might have worn lavender from head to toe — everyday. Or begged your parents to paint your bedroom turquoise, promising you’d never tire of peacock-colored walls. And, perhaps, you even dyed your hair shades of a rainbow.

Did you know this innate attraction to color is for your health and well being? Children often choose a favorite color in the process of defining who they are. It’s one element that can make an individual stand out in a crowd. Having a favorite color as an adult can be a signature. Elsa Schiaparelli pink, anyone? We may have a life-long love affair with one color, but we turn to different hues depending on our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  

So now that you don’t have to ask for permission to decorate, consider how you want colors to work for you. Look to those you consistently incorporate in your life and make note of the ones that leave you inspired. Alter or amp up your experience by selecting a color based on how you want to feel and operate in a space. Paint — or some well-placed accessories and art — is all it takes to create the mood you're after.


Color Psychology 101

Vibrant shades are expressive. Dark colors inspire comfort. Warm ones make us feel active. Cool hues bring on the calm. Read more for a primer in color psychology and learn how it commonly impacts your state of mind.


Not for the faint of heart, red is a stimulating color often associated with passion and all that that represents — energy, strength, warmth, courage, and adventurousness to name a few. It’s even said to inspire an appetite, which is why it's often used in dining rooms.


Looking to increase your social activity? Orange is fun, friendly, and good-natured.  This energetic color is known to inspire chit chat and free flow of ideas.


Happy, happy, joy, joy. Yellow is associated with optimism, enlightenment, and happiness because it can activate memory, stimulate the nervous system, and spark creative thoughts. Go for a sunny hue, as a darker yellow may not capture the positive vibe you’re after.


Green and its association with nature inspires tranquility, peace, and renewal. If you’re hoping to improve your productivity, green helps with concentration especially for long periods of time. Depending how you use it in a room, the color can be refreshing, inviting, or loud (think pops of lime). 


Reminiscent of the ocean and sky, the color blue can trigger our bodies to feel calm. It’s actually been shown to lower our blood pressure and heart rate. However, not all blues are created equal. Electric or royal blues are bold and energizing.


Library or meditation space, consider indigo for a room of one’s own. The deep color inspires wisdom, knowledge, and reflective personal thought.


The color of royalty, purple inspires creativity and problem solving because it combines the powers of both red and blue. 


The color pink is youthful in nature and is often associated with feeling lighthearted, happy, and comfortable. The sweet hue reminds us of childhood, helping us find peace and relaxation likely because it’s a time in our lives where we felt secure and cared for at home.


Old reliable. Brown is one the most comforting colors, as it's approachable, grounded, and wholesome in feel. It’s thought to stimulate conversation because it inspires us to feel a connection with others. 


This classic neutral inspires intellect, knowledge, and wisdom. It connotes maturity and professionalism. If using grey outside of a formal office, make it modern and treat the color as a clean slate against which you can prop colorful accessories according to your mood.


The power of black can feel overwhelming, but it can be incorporated into a space to communicate elegance, sophistication, mystery, magic, and modern style.


White’s purity creates a serene, clean, quiet, and refreshing environment. If used in combination across interiors and decor, white can leave you feeling invigorated.


What color(s) do you tend to gravitate towards? Share your favorite hues with us in the comments below. 

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