About Seedling

We are Seedling

Seedling imagines the future of play and brings it to life by uniting modern, scalable technologies and classic materials. Our innovative products enable kids 2 to 12 to move seamlessly between the digital and physical worlds they play in, creating a new category of products called Reimagined Play.

We encourage kids to create with every tool in the toolbox, including technology. That's why we make groundbreaking products that merge tactile materials with advancing technologies, like augmented reality and virtual reality. These products are designed to help families put the child in control of the experience, to step into the role of builder, designer, creator, and beyond.

We believe in high-­quality play. We pay attention to every element of the creative experience, ensuring the materials in every box meet the highest standards so that every creation can be played with again and again. 

Our award-winning range includes over 350 products, with new additions every year. Children's safety is of the utmost importance to us, so each product comes with our promise of first-class materials and tools, tested to the world's highest safety standards.  

Imagined in LA

Seedling is headquartered in downtown Los Angeles, in the heart of the happening Arts District. As an incubator-style start-up, every element of our products is imagined, designed, and created in-house by our talented team, from product ideation to digital app design. We work hard, laugh harder, and constantly strive to make our products and digital experiences the very best they can be. 

As a company that spends time with thousands of children, we get the honor and joy of seeing what a phenomenal force they will be in the world. Today’s children are happy, curious and empathetic. They are excited about the possibilities of the future, and value diversity, history and the power of their collective voice.  They intuitively understand the limitations and possibilities of technology and the planet. They understand that data is a currency, coding is a language and the world is theirs to build, both real and virtual. They are empowered to imagine worlds that are beyond our expectation, and see no limitations in gender, race or religion. They are joyful, playful and loving. They inspire us to create products that will challenge their minds, spark their creativity, and unlock their limitless potential. They are the future.

We invite you to bend the rules, color outside the lines, and reimagine everything around you. Make it better, make it your own, and make time to imagine what if…


Team Seedling