FAQs Parker's Pet Rescue

Product Details

Q: What is Parker’s Pet Rescue?

A: Parker’s Pet Rescue is an add on for Parker: Your Augmented Reality Bear and is a 6-part narrative experience about Parker’s adoption of Bertie the Bird.  Over the course of 6 months, you’ll discover the story of Parker’s adoption of Bertie, a sweet baby bird that Parker finds as an abandoned egg. Each month, the story unfolds when new items arrive in the mail that come to life in the Parker app and unlock a new activity to play.

Q: How does the narrative relate to the original Parker narrative?

A: Bertie is Parker’s pet and exists in Parker’s world within the app and as a mini plush in the real world! Once you unlock Bertie for the first time, he will appear next to Parker in the app. Throughout the experience, your child will help Parker care for Bertie through a series of unlockable in-app experiences.

Q: Why should I buy Parker’s Pet Rescue?

A: If you are looking for new and engaging ways for your children to play with Parker, or are looking for a new way to test out the Parker experience, this is the product for you! It provides a fun and informative narrative for your child to discover more of Parker’s world.  Playtime with Parker and Bertie engages your child in play with the latest technology and teaches them about caring and responsibility, healthy habits and more!

Q: What’s included in each month’s package?

A: Each month your child will receive a package filled with:

Q: What is the age range for Parker’s Pet Rescue?

A: For the best play experience, we recommend Parker’s Pet Rescue for kids aged 3 and older. Similar to Parker, many aspect of Parker’s Pet Rescue will work as cooperative play between parent and child, so with adult supervision the age range becomes more flexible. Our age recommendation of 3+ is also reflective of the safety compliance of the product.


Subscription Details

Q: How much does it cost?

A: We have a few options for purchase:

  1. Pay month to month - $12.99/mo, includes free shipping each month (Total of $77.94)
  2. Purchase all 6 months up-front - $59.99 total, includes free shipping. (Save over 20% compared to month/month price)
  3. Purchase Parker AND subscription together - $99 total, includes free shipping. (Save almost 30% compared to individual purchase)

All Parker’s Pet Rescue include complimentary FREE SHIPPING!

Q: I'm paying on a month to month basis, when will I be charged for each month's package? 

A: For our month to month customers, you will be charged on the 30th of the month prior to the upcoming shipment. (e.g. You will be charged June 30th for the July package, July 30th for August package, etc).

Q: How long is the subscription?

A: The subscription takes the form of a story told over 6 consecutive months beginning with Chapter 1.


Q: When should I expect to receive my package each month?

Q: Is the subscription program available to non-US customers?

A: The subscription is not open to non-US customers at this time, but we’re hard at work to make this product available to Parker customers around the world.

Unfortunately, due to state compliance restrictions we cannot offer the subscription to our Pennsylvania based customers at this time.  

Device Compatibility

Q: What devices is the subscription compatible with?

A:  Parker’s Pet Rescue is only available on Apple/iOS devices running iOS 10 or higher and is only compatible with the following devices:

Q: Will the new subscription work on an Android or Kindle device?

A: This product is not currently available on Android or Kindle at this time. As this is pilot program for us within the Parker universe, we are only able to offer this experience on iOS.  

Q: Do I need to own Parker: Your Augmented Reality Bear to play Parker’s Pet Rescue?

A: No. If you don’t own, Parker: Your Augmented Reality Bear, you can still play. You will have full access to all features from Parker’s Pet Rescue, but limited access to the original Parker experience.

Product Usage

Q: How do I unlock the new chapter/new activity?

  1. Update the Parker App to the latest version
  2. Go to the in-app Settings and select “Add New Parker Kits”.
  3. Get your chapter card handy.
  4. Point the camera on your device at the illustrated side of the chapter card to see the effect and unlock your new games.
  5. Note: You will need to unlock each chapter individually.

Check out this video for a demo of how to Unlock a New Kit.

Q: I lost my chapter card, what do I do?

A: Reach out to help@seedling.com and our Customer Care team can get you set up with another card.

Q: How do I clean the Egg and Bertie the Bird plushes?

A: You can machine wash the plush Egg and Bertie the Bird on the gentle cycle in cold water and tumble dry low. Or, spot clean as needed with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

Cancellations and Refunds

Q: How do I cancel?

A: We are not able to cancel subscriptions paid upfront. If you want to cancel your subscription and are paying on a monthly basis, please reach out to help@seedling.com and our Customer Care team will take care of the cancellation. 

Q: Are there refunds or returns allowed on the upfront full subscription purchase or the month to month purchase?

A: Due to the nature of the products being received over the course of 6 months, we do not offer returns or refunds for this product. If any of the products in your package are damaged from shipping, or defective due to manufacturer error, we’re happy to send you a replacement for that item.  If you would like to cancel and are paying on a monthly basis, please follow the instructions above.