Parker: Your Augmented Reality Bear FAQs

Where do I download the Parker app?
Visit our Parker Setup Guide to download the app and play!

What devices work with Parker?

Parker works with iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

iPad and iPhone:


Quick Tip: Please note that older Android devices from 2014 and before running OS 5.0 (Lollipop) may struggle with some AR events.

Does playing with Parker require WIFI?

No, Parker does not require WiFi, Bluetooth or a cellular connection to play!

Quick Tip:  

You will need WiFi or a cellular connection to download the app, but that’s it. Once the app is downloaded you do not need to be connected in any way to play. No WiFi. No Bluetooth. Just play and go!

Do I need Parker the Bear to play the app?

Yes, the app and Parker were designed to played with together. Features and games are not accessible without Parker to unlock.

I threw away the welcome letter from Parker, where can I unlock the app?

No problem! Our Customer Care team is happy to help. Please contact us at