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Now Available Exclusively at Apple

LOS ANGELES –  Oct. 3, 2017 – Seedling, the LA-based startup with a mission to reimagine play, has today unveiled Parker: the world’s first augmented reality (AR) teddy bear. Parker comes to life when used with an iPad or iPhone and the accompanying free Parker App, which allows kids to have an immersive experience through which they learn empathy, problem solving and open-ended play skills, all while developing digital literacy. Parker is immediately available exclusively at and in Apple stores in select countries.

Parker is a classic teddy bear made extraordinary through the magic of Augmented Reality. Parker the bear is all plush and fluff —no batteries, no cameras, no Wi-Fi. Parker is just like the teddy bears we grew up with; soft, squeezable and perfect for pretend play.  Add an iPhone or iPad and use the app to interact with Parker and the world of make believe comes to life. 

Parker offers an engaging open-ended experience for children ages three and up. By using the app and your iPad or iPhone to interact with Parker and the enclosed tools, caregiving is transformed into an interactive experience. The more you play with and care for Parker, the more magical your world becomes as Parker’s Happiness Factor™ grows. Surprises and additional play features are revealed, including interactive games to play and puzzles to solve.

Parker, Your Augmented Reality Bear ($59.95):

  • Become Parker’s Doctor:
    • Help your new friend feel better. Cure a tummy bug, cool a fever, and take Parker’s temperature with the special thermometer. Use your iPad or iPhone to examine Parker’s bones, soothe a scratchy throat, and much more
  • Magical Effects in Everyday Spaces:
    • The more you care for Parker, the more magical your world becomes. Watch Parker’s Happiness Factor™ go up each time you cure an ailment, solve a problem, or complete a game, then use the magic camera feature to see how Parker’s happiness transforms the world around you with augmented reality effects
  • In app experiences include:
    • Give Parker a checkup
    • Watch Parker’s inner organs come to life
    • Use 3D touch to help Parker to take deeper breaths and test lung capacity
    • Help Parker fight a stomach bug by squashing stomach germs
  • Parker uses the AR capabilities of iPhone and iPad:
  • Build an under the sea garden or a magical mushroom forest using the magic camera feature in Parker’s world
  • Watch how Parker’s Happiness Factor grows and the world gets brighter the more you play when you look at Parker’s world through the magic camera


“Seedling is reimagining play. We are taking old school physical toys and bridging them with new technologies in a way that is gentle and safe to create meaningful experiences for families,” said Phoebe Hayman, Founder and CEO, Seedling. “We are using technology as a tool to create magic that will bring Parker the Bear and a child’s imagination to life.”

  • Parker Your Augmented Reality Bear Includes:
  • Parker the Bear
  • Parker’s backpack
  • Interactive toy thermometer
  • Toy stethoscope
  • Wooden spoon
  • Wooden medicine
  • Felt x-ray bibs
  • A Letter from Parker


Parker is immediately available exclusively at and Apple stores in select countries. The free Parker App is available on the App Store.

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