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Joanna Goddard: Crafts for Kids (Even for Uncrafty Moms)

Writer and creator of lifestyle blog A Cup of Jo — and friend of Seedling — Joanna Goddard is known as design-savvy mom to Toby and Anton. But like many of us, she has an admission: She's not crafty! Here, Joanna shares her #seedlingstory and why it's always a good idea to fly a kite.

I am hopelessly uncrafty. My boys have a box of crayons and will casually doodle sometimes, but we don’t really do art projects at home. (I wouldn’t know where to begin.) So when Seedling asked if we wanted to try one of their activity kits, we jumped at the chance.... We took the kite to Brooklyn Bridge Park in Dumbo to give it a spin. Although it wasn’t windy enough to fly too high, the boys got creative with the kite — Toby pretended he was walking a dog.

Hop on over to A Cup of Jo to keep reading and see how the boys let their imagination soar.

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